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This game is fun

You guys should keep making games like this they are so fun

Fake Rumor

I just want to say that I love this game and all of the murder rumors are fake and 2 years ago a little girl started that.

This game is so awesome they should come out with a second one..l


Good Game!?

This is a great game and I enjoy it very much??. Wish there could be more games? because after a while it can get boring?playing the same game over and over again. Talking Tom is a good game for younger kids because it teaches them how important it is to take care of a pet????. My only problem with the game is that the cat ? grows up to fast.

This game is great

I love to have my own Tom and customize him

There is no hacker duh

Theres no hacker you guys weve looked About 1 million times there is no hacker dont worry its a pretty good game but sometimes little weird but I looked it up a lot and doesnt seem like there is one I like to say thats horrible ????

I think it good for children over 7

This is a really fun game!! But when Tom goes to the restroom....... no thank u. I think it would be good for children 7 and up. But it is a good game to have when u r bored and dont have wifi!!????????


I love this game

I like it

I am 7 and I like this game but my little brother is 3 and he adores it!

Its fun!

I think its really fun but sometimes it get really boring

not graet

I like the game but it will make me feed him,make him go to the bath room,make him happy,and let him sleep every day ????????????????????


This app has a hacker tom out of no were started asking me were do I live whats your phone number I got so creeped out the next morning when I used the app tom wasnt there? NEVER EVER BUY THiS APP

You can turn notifications off you know

Great game

Love it

I love this game

Inside out!!!!!

When Tom goes poop?he closes the door and when I open that door,Toms arms are inside of himself!! Its funny ? but still plz fix that glitch.????

Theres a hacker in my game????

I first started to play talking Tom I saw something something unusual and that something unusual it looks creepy but I just continue on with that six days later I would add seventh level but then somehow I got back to level one and it was really creepy and its probably easy just to kidnap me I dont know who did Kiah :)s cousin a few days later someone knocked on my door and it was midnight I dont know who it who it wise so please help me get out of here and I just heard someone say help me in the game now Im really scared and I want to delete the app forever but I had to continue am I a really for level so I cant quit now Ill put up with this until that until the game is over whoever is reading this please say I hope you live in and thanks for saying I hope I live I hope I live I just I want to die Im just a seven year old and Im a kid so please support me so I dont die PS my name is Matthew


I had this this game for 3 years its fun but people say its bad make it so no war

Not good

It is very inappropriate game for children. Suggest for children 13 and up. ??????????????????

Very fun I play as a pre teen

The best

I like it but Im a bit scared

I love this game I would give this a 10/10 But another review Said a hacker was on the loose Which in my opinion dropping into a 9/10 But I still love it

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